In an effort to keep my pricing competitive I don’t charge mileage within 35 miles of Pacific, Missouri.

I can get to most locations I’ve photographed over the years with no additional charge.

Mileage greater than 70 miles from Pacific is billed the following rate for 2019

• Additional mileage > 70 miles round trip from Pacific, MO - Each mile is billed .58 per mile

Please review the IRS mileage guidelines for 2019

• Additional drive time is billed at $30/hour or $.50/minute - Additional drive time begins at the first 30 minutes traveled each direction.

Example pricing - Pacific, MO to Florissant, MO - Distance - 44.4 miles - 44 minutes

44.4 miles travelled - 35 free miles from Pacific = 9.4 billable miles

44 minutes travelled - 30 minutes free from Pacific = 14 billable minutes

Mileage charge = 9.4 x .58 = $5.45 / Time charge = 14 x .50 = $7.00

Total = $12.45 (each way) or $24.90 RT (this charge is an approximate and may change due to travel conditions)

  • Time is charged separate from mileage. Some locations in the St. Louis metro are within 35 miles from my location but may take 50 minutes to drive. I find this occurs when traveling to St. Peter’s, St. Charles, O’Fallon, and other locations North of the Missouri River.

(Travel is figured using the route suggested by my Garmin™ Nüvi GPS)